Preschool Jitters

Below is an email I sent earlier today to the Brooklyn Speical Needs Parents group, which is an amazing support group.

Hi parents,

I’m starting to freak out about my daughter starting preschool in a few weeks. She is preverbal and has a rare disorder (Rett Syndrome) which presents a slew of challenges for her.

Her EI therapists have been like family and they’ve created so many successful programs for her and know how to work with her, challenge her (ever so gently – when she’s in the mood), calm her down, and, most importantly, mitigate her continuous physical and cognitive regressions (one of the many challenges of Rett).  We are sad to see them go.

I’m planning on sending the school (WOC Midwood) an overview of her likes/dislikes, things to help calm her down if she gets agitated and an overview of key programs her therapists have been working with her on. I’m going to mail this in with her registration form.

I’m confident with the choice of the school. I’m just less confident about the first few weeks and how she will adjust.

Any advice, tips, tricks that you could share?

Additionally we are moving shortly before school starts so that’s going to be an adjustment in itself.

Many thanks in advance,
C, mom to L (who is likely less stressed about preschool than her mother)

How is it that she’s old enough to go to preschool already?!


L then and now



One thought on “Preschool Jitters

  1. My advice is to trust you child and trust yourself to get through the many upcoming changes and adjustments. I suspect Lily is more resilient than you think. Good luck on all fronts!

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