Lily’s 8th birthday was such a success. In the lead up to her birthday (and the subsequent week), she was ecstatic. Birthday parties, Valentines Day and Hawaii? All in one month? It was almost too much.

But not really – seeing her so happy and (mostly) healthy – especially at this time of year – is such a relief.

Here are a few photos from her birthday… which included a ballet class with the NY City ballet (serendipitously scheduled on her birthday), a party at school, a play date and then dinner at her favorite restaurant Playa Betty’s.

We are day 3 into our Hawaiian adventure and this kid hasn’t stopped beaming. Thank you Make-a-Wish! Here are a few shots… leaving for Honolulu at JFK, getting a tour of the cockpit with the captain of the plane at landing, riding a limo (with Urszula), relaxing at the pool/beach and partying it up at a luau! More photos to come.


Lily’s luau birthday bash

This kid turned 8 today. Can’t begin to explain how proud I am to be her mom. We had Lily’s luau birthday bash took at school this afternoon in anticipation of her upcoming Make-A-Wish trip to Hawaii!

Her party was a success. It started with a ballet class taught by New York City Ballet (check out Lily independently getting her feet into 5th position) and then the luau with pizza, cupcakes, giggles and dancing. Lots of dancing!!! After school we had a play date with her friend Xan. And then we had dinner at Playa Betty – her favorite restaurant. Afterwards we walked/ran home with excitement to have some more singing of ‘happy birthday’ and blowing out candles.

In lieu of presents we are asking for donations to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust if you so wish: