5 years old!!

imageLily is so excited about her birthday. We had nice, small celebrations with some family over the weekend. They spoiled the both of us. Today  I’m heading to school for a pizza party with her classmates. So! Much! Fun!

It’s going to be quite the week for us girls. Party at school today then I have to rush to midtown to do a presentation for an important constituent group. Tomorrow night I’m going to a talk on the kindergarten process. Wednesday I’m taking Lily to the endocrinologist (the latest specialist we need to see). Then Thursday is the meeting with the DOE to talk about kindergarten placement. Somehow I will manage to squeeze in a full work week on top of this.

Lots going on. Most of it good. All of it for my sweet Lily. Who is now 5! No way Josè!


Makes me mad!


Leisurely girls going for a boat ride!

It’s been a while dear reader…  There have been so many stories percolating in my brain these past few months but I’ve not had the energy to put pen to paper (or more aptly fingertips to keyboard).  Doctors appointments, kindergarten research, the worst bout of insomnia she’s had yet topped with coxsackie – there’s been a lot going on. Thankfully there’s been a lot of awesome and amazing stuff happening too.  We went on a speedboat while visiting our family in Florida for the holidays which Lily LOVED.  She is turning 5 on Monday.  Also, Lily is getting really good at using her Tobii and there’s just one story that I have to share…


This happened one night when our dear friend Carlos was visiting in December.  Lily and I were playing the sleep ‘game’.  It goes something like this: after we go through our evening routine, I put her down in bed, tuck her in and say goodnight while shutting the door.  Two minutes later, she jumps out of bed and knocks on the door.  I go in and put her back down telling her it’s sleep time.  Shut the door.  She jumps out, knock-knock.  And so forth.

Sometimes she’s fast and escapes from the room before I can put her back in bed.  Kid runs into living room.  Goes over to the computer and gently puts her hand on it (which means ‘Mommy! I want to listen to music!).  I tell her, ‘Lily, Mommy said it’s time for bed so no music.’

She doesn’t like that answer so she runs into the playroom (which means, ‘Mommy! I want to watch a movie!). I tell her, ‘Lily, Mommy said it’s time for bed so no movie and no music.’

She doesn’t like that answer either so she runs over to the Tobii which is perched on a chair in the living room.  Using the Tobii she says/navigates, ‘I have an idea! TV/DVD show!’ I tell her, ‘Lily, Mommy said it’s time for bed so no TV, no movie and no music.’

She then finds a button on the Tobii (one that I had never seen before) and says, ‘Makes me mad!’

And that my friends, is my almost 5 year old acting her age.  I am one proud momma.

Uncle Omar's boat

Speech-generating button on the Tobii that Lily uses somewhat frequently these days when she’s upset with Mommy!