We were at a family party this past weekend and one of my cousins, upon picking up L, commented to me on how big and heavy she is getting.  She is growing.  Leaps and bounds.  And this is a great sign for many reasons – one being that she’s getting adequate nutrition (many Rett sweeties have growth issues, due to feeding issues, and though we aren’t out of the zone of fear on this – it’s a crap-shoot until she reaches about 15 or whenever you stop growing physically – it’s definitely a sigh a relief at this point, for this momma).

I’m going to have to start stregnth training.  A very smart Rett momma gave me a piece of advice shortly after we got the diagnosis – she recommended that I start lifting weights as the physical toll of having a child, then young adult, then adult, with Rett, is very real.  And I’m already feeling some pain.  My left shoulder.  My back.  My neck.  I always say that L is my walking gym.  But I do need to invest in myself so I can maintain the physical stamina needed to care for her.

It’s just one of the many things on my to-do list.  Actually, it’s not quite on my to-do list.  It’s on my ‘once everything from my to-do list is done, I can then start on this and a slew of other things’ list.

What is front of mind right now is moving L from a crib to a big-girl bed.  She is outgrowing that crib.  But we can’t make any switches until she gets herself settled into our new home.  Eventually I’m likely going to put her mattress on the floor and create a pillow barrier around the entirety of it.  Oh, I’ve spent many unslept nights thinking about, and researching this.  But this is likely not of interest to you, dear reader.

Oh, but back to this big girl – she is so happy and full of joy, and is loving the long summer evenings when she and her momma go on strolls and get caressed by her friend, the wind.

Running Summer 2014

photo 1




2 thoughts on “Heavy

  1. That a girl Lily!!! She looks soo tall, and beautiful in her summer wear!!! A mattress surrounded with pillows should work!

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