David Bowie knows what he’s talking about. ‘Turn and face the strain.’ And boxes, upon boxes… And sore backs (hence, the strain). And sleepless nights.

But it’s all good. Change is inevitable. It happens every day. And if you don’t embrace it, it can destroy you.

I guess I’m also pretty excited about this new chapter. For many reasons.

1. It somewhat fulfills my wanderlust. Prior to having L, I moved approximately every two years – to a different country, or city. I did this for about a decade. Italy, Switzerland, England, Singapore, DC, New York (this is not in sequential order). Every time I moved, I sucked in my breath, closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

Of course I didn’t. I’m too strategic to be so thoughtless. But there IS a part of the unknown, the new, which is thrilling. And I’m looking forward to it.

We’re not moving countries, or even cities. But we are moving to a different neighborhood. I’m not sure if I can say I’ll miss living in Greenpoint (I always commented that L and I were the only two people in the neighborhood without tattoos). I think our next neighborhood will be a much better fit for us girls. Who knew I’d become a brooklynite?

2. It’s TRULY a new beginning for me and L. Having her with me (almost) full-time, getting to giggle with her almost each and every day… Wow. I don’t think I allowed myself to think about how much I missed her when she wasn’t home with me as much.

3. Lily is starting school! I just read through a bunch of Rett sweetie’s profiles on the site and it filled me with so much inspiration. Reading about how these girls are enjoying preschool, making friends, learning and playing gave me a boost of confidence about this milestone.

4. I get to throw a ton of stuff out and/or donate it or give it away. There’s something really fulfilling about getting rid of the clutter. It is cathartic. 20 huge bags went to Goodwill. And I’m not finished…

We are moving in two batches. I’m trying to minimize the disruption in L’s life so the boxes are going first (likely this coming Thursday) and then the furniture is heading out on the 27th. This gives L an extra week and a half with her beloved therapists.

I’ll write a post next week about the therapists. These amazing people who have dedicated their lives to helping children, I didn’t even know that this world, that these people existed prior to needing them in our lives.

That’s all for now.

C and L

Decorating boxes with L's artwork

Decorating boxes with L’s artwork


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