Like a fish in water…

The swim lesson was a success!  It’s very much occupational therapy focused and this teacher knew what she was doing.  Lily was initially over-excited when she got to the pool (maybe it was the peepee potty dance/song I sang to her after her successful potty visit, or the acoustics at the indoor pool, or seeing the pool, or a myriad of other unknown reasons).  She was chirping and babbling REALLY loudly.  And once she got in the water, she was thrashing around (in a fun and happy way) as her senses were all over the place.

To calm her down, the therapist did some slow spinning with her in the water and then put light weights on her hands and feet.  Zen-like focus ensued for the rest of the hour.  She was kick-kicking (like she learned to do at Grandma’s pool) and walking on the underwater trampoline – a complete natural.  The therapist was impressed that she is so strong and comfortable in the water.  They did some strengthening exercises while Aileen (the therapist) sang ‘wheels on the bus’ to L.  Everyone had a great time.

Who knew that St. Barts on Park and 50th had such a great indoor pool?  I love the restaurant (it’s a beautiful spot for a sunny day).  We will be going back.  For pool.  And lunch!

A complete natural in the water, and totally calm and happy afterwards too!

A complete natural in the water, and totally calm and happy afterwards too!


4 thoughts on “Like a fish in water…

  1. Glad to hear she likes the pool!!! Wonderful therapy, both physical and emotional!! Bravo Lily!!!

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