Ups and Downs

I guess I need to get used to them when it comes to Lily’s development and growth. But it’s disheartening when she’s unable to do something she was previously doing the week before. It will come back. It almost always does. But my heart breaks for her that she has to struggle like this.

Her word approximations weren’t so great last week and her fine motor skills have waned a bit too. But even though she’s having these slight regressions, she’s still progressing in so many other ways… For example, she’s a natural at potty training ; she did peepee potty the first time she was put on the toilet! She also gestured (with her hand) to have me move closer to her face so she could give me a kiss! This is the first time she’s gestured that ‘come here’ movement; something we all take so easily for granted. For Lily, she did it twice last week and I was dumbstruck both times.

Tonight she is starting swimming lessons. Actually it’s aquatic therapy which was highly recommended by the Rett specialist. We are both hoping it will be a fun time!

More soon.

C and L


One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. She “told” you she wanted to kiss you??? That’s the sweetest thing I ever heard. She can express love! Ups and downs is right and you seem to have infinite patience with her progress. Toilet training? Swim lessons? Wow!

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