What not to say to a special needs parent…

Many of you know that I love the show ‘What Not To Wear’.   I’m so sad it’s ended. I miss Stacy (aka my cousin Miriam) and Clinton and their words of wisdom…

But I stumbled across a few other souls, from a totally different realm, who have REALLY useful wisdom which has helped me feel less alone, less questioning of myself (I’m always wondering if I am being too sensitive) and more empowered.

This special needs parent thing is a whole new world for me. And likely, it’s a new world for you too (likely because of me). So I want to share with you a few links which may help you better understand, better communicate and better support me (and my L) on this journey of ours.

Happy Reading!

What you SHOULDN’T say to a Special Needs parent:


What you SHOULD say to a Special Needs parent:


7 Things you don’t know about a Special Needs parent:




One thought on “What not to say to a special needs parent…

  1. Hi Christine, Great reads!! Hope I haven’t committed any of the seven deadly sins, seeing how I already went to Confession on Monday!! Hope you and Lily are well, and getting ready for a Happy Easter. Is she with you for Easter, or John? Going home to Florida soon? how goes court? Always in my thoughts, Ann

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