The belle of the ball

Wow, last week we were social butterflies, entertaining guests and party-hopping.  Not so easy for this introvert.   Lily is the outgoing one on this team.

On Thursday morning, I brought L into the office for ‘take your kids to work day’.  She charmed everyone from the CEO to the mailroom clerk.  And it was very obvious that she wasn’t interested in a desk job (see below).

L at Mommy's office

When we got home from work, Grandma was there!  She had just arrived from Florida and was staying the weekend.  When the elevator opened to our apartment, Lily ran to her and immediately gave her hugs and kisses, like no time had passed.

Thursday evening, after Mom, Leslie and I returned from the Rett Fundraiser (which was both lovely and bittersweet), Lily decided that she wanted to have a party too.  So she entertained us all by doing her Lily thing – giggling, dancing and giving plenty of kisses.

On Friday, we met up with one of Lily’s therapists for a playdate at Bounce U (a huge indoor bounce-house/playground).  HOLY COW.  I’m not sure who had more fun, me or her.  Seriously, we were both laughing and bouncing and giggling so much.  L (and I) had to take a 3 hour nap when we got home!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Saturday night was party-time in Greenpoint with the Salerno’s.  Earlier in the day, Lily had somehow figured out how to turn on the photobooth application on my computer and so we made sure to take plenty of pictures with our family.  As you can see from the shots, someone was having a very good time.

photo 4 photo 5

We have yet another busy week.  Yesterday was swim class (she did awesome), tomorrow we go in for the assitive eye gaze technology evaluation (more soon on that), and Friday we visit one last preschool. This is all on top of her 30 hours a week of in-home therapy.  I’m not joking when I tell people that she’s busier than my CEO.


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