Quick update on Lily

Lily had her oral surgery today. The goal had been to fully resposition the teeth. Unfortunately the surgeon saw too much damage to reposition, so instead focused on shoring up the the teeth and roots with a bone graft and a tooth splint (like temporary braces).

Lily is home now and, though in some discomfort, she’s come around from the anesthesia and is watching Mary Poppins (what else?!?!).

We have more appointments coming up next week and will keep you posted as things progress.


4 thoughts on “Quick update on Lily

  1. Geeze can’t you guys ever get a break?!!! Sending hugs and get well wishes. Keep
    That spoonful of sugar nearby!😘😘😘

  2. Sending you love and light! Quite a lot for poor Lily, and her Momma too!! You will get through this, just like everything else….in my prayers

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