Rare disease day

Yesterday was rare disease day.  It was also my great-grandmothers birthday; she would have been  124 (or 62 if we got literal about the actual day – which always fascinated me when I was a kid). I posted about both on Facebook but didn’t get the opportunity to blog in time. (Gives you an indication of how hectic it’s been).

What was particularly fitting about yesterday and rare disease day was that I had my annual check in with my special needs estate planner/attorney. My heart is always heavy at these meetings. The lawyer is a lovely person – he is kind and even generous (I got the single momma discount yesterday for setting up yet another trust, this one for my retirement funds). But the topics we discuss are all very morose.

Regardless, it was a good day. I got home in time to cuddle with my sweetie and even managed to read a little before passing out.






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