The many faces of Lily

What’s a girl to do when she wants to be two very different characters for Halloween?

Luckily we had two days of celebrating. So on Friday she was Elsa at the school Halloween parade. And then on Saturday she was Elmo while trick or treating with her cousins in New Jersey.

She was adamant that she wanted to be Elsa, and Elmo for Halloween!

She was adamant that she wanted to be Elsa, and Elmo for Halloween!

She had so much fun walking up to the doors, showing off her costume and choosing the candy she wanted from the big bowls that were put on display for her.

Mommy is bringing the candy Lily collected from Halloween into the office to share with her colleagues. But fret not dear reader! Mommy isn’t heartless. Lily has plenty of Lily friendly candy (organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups) to keep her happy, courtesy of Grandma and Teetee Angela.

And oh did she love those peanut butter cups! At one point on Saturday, we took a break from trick or treating and helped our cousin Don hand out candy. Well Lily wanted some of her candy and she gobbled it up. About 20 minutes later she got a second wind and we went for a run around the block. She was on a pretty big and happy sugar high. I’ve never seen her run so fast, and for so long!

Halloween is Lily’s favorite holiday. It’s becoming mine too!


3 thoughts on “The many faces of Lily

  1. She is so adorable in her costumes. Happy she had fun, and mommy too. Thinking and praying for you daily. I hope to see you one day soon before the holidays. Love to you both. Cousin Maria. : )

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