Our Favorite Season

It is without question that autumn is our favorite season of the year.  The weather is mild, the leaves are turning all sorts of crazy beautiful colors and we don’t have to pile on the layers of clothes.

Lily has been doing some amazing things lately, which may or may not be linked to the statins trial she is taking part in.  Yesterday when she got off the school bus, we went for a stroll in our neighborhood to look at all the leaves.  She walked a straight line for practically the entirety of our time out.  Also, the nanny and some therapists have been telling me that Lily has been much quicker to pull herself up from when she falls.  She still needs to pull her way up, whether holding onto a sofa or a table, but the way in which she is doing it looks almost ‘effortless’, at least according to the nanny.

I’ve not been able to witness her effortless transitions to stand yet but I know I will.  I had one of those weeks where I didn’t make it home in time to put her to bed – not once.  Every night was an event about the kindergarten process (except for the one evening when I went to a fundraiser for a nonprofit which was super fun).  I have learned so much this week (including that nuns can be amazing auctioneers).  And I’m feeling more hopeful that I’m going to find the perfect school for Lily next year.

In the meantime, she and I are going to enjoy the weather, prepare for Halloween, and go for long strolls through this beautiful neighborhood that we love so much.


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