What a week!

Here are a few low/highlights:

  • Part of the ceiling collapsed in my living room
  • Lily’s bus ride home on Tuesday was 2.5 hours long (this is not the first time this has happened)
  • The guy from the Office of Public Transportation is verbally harassing me (in a flirty, filthy, patriarchal way) as I try to get to the bottom of the bus delays
  • My car was towed this morning 😦


  • Lily had an awesome week and continues to amaze me and her therapists with her abilities
  • She is loving her blue flowers
  • And the biggest highlight of all was that we got a visit from Taffy! (Psst: I may be getting a therapy dog for L and wanted to see how she would do in the presence of one…. The results speak for themselves!)
Enjoying the blue flowers on the patio

Enjoying the blue flowers on our patio

Playing with Taffy!

Playing with Taffy!


3 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. I was wondering about a therapy dog. That might be helpful! Sorry about the glitches this week! Love you, Auntie Bernice

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