Spring Break!


Our tans are fading but our memories are still strong! Lily and I had the best time in Puerto Rico. She was the perfect resort mate – her goal for the week was to laugh and relax as much as possible. Going for long walks on the beach, lounging by the water, making friends and flirting with boys… This girl was in her element.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – Lily is a social butterfly. I most definitely am not. But I’m so grateful for this sweet butterfly – we met some wonderful people on our vacation – because of Lily. We were treated like royalty – because of Lily. We even got offered a free dinner by a handsome guy – because of Lily!!!

I can’t wait to plan our next beach getaway!!!


6 thoughts on “Spring Break!

    • We miss you Felicia! Lily is doing great. Yesterday she came home from school and was enthusiastically saying ‘hi!’ to the nanny. The words do come and go but they are ALL in there still. How’s your sweetie? She must be getting so big!

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