Spring Break, here we come!

Lily and I are heading down to Puerto Rico tomorrow.  5 days.  Sun.  Sand.  Swimming.  Just us two girls.  We can’t wait!

I put together this flyer to share with fellow travelers.  I realized the last time we flew that people were giving us looks because we’re different.  And I want them to know that just because we’re different, it doesn’t mean that we should get any less respect.  Actually, we should get more.  So this is my solution:



CaptureWill let you know how it goes!


9 thoughts on “Spring Break, here we come!

  1. Have a wonderful time Christine! I know you’ll have a great time and I look forward to seeing many pictures. Are you translating the flyer into Spanish?

  2. I agree with Jennifer’s comment….I just know that most folks are good people and will respond favorably to your note to them…. Have the best most fabulous vacation ever…

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