School visit from L’s home teacher

It’s taken a few months but we’ve finally been able to get one of the in-home therapists to visit Lily’s teachers and therapists at school to try and ensure that everyone is working on the same educational goals in the same way.  And, well, I’ll let an excerpt of the letter I received yesterday speak for itself:

Very impressed by Lily’s school and staff. Lily seemed so comfortable and thrilled to be in the circle time listening to a book with other kids. She was verbalized and looking at others and smiling. She spied me when moving to her table top activity, walked up to me smiling, and leaned in.

I found Susan [Lily’s classroom teacher] very observant and knowledgeable about Lily. We are seeing much of the same things in Lily’s participation and behavior. In general, Lily is doing really well with expanding herself.



6 thoughts on “School visit from L’s home teacher

  1. Little Lily is so damn smart! Oh yes, she does communicate, as I saw while on Lily-Duty at her birthday party. School is so good for her.

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