Somebody has a boyfriend

Don’t get too excited everyone.  I’m not talking about me!  I’m talking about L…

At her school meeting yesterday which included her teacher, social worker, psychologist, nurse and curriculum coordinator, we discussed all things Lily.  It was a 2 hour long meeting.  And we spent much time talking about her medical history and their concerns about her seizures (which have started to get a bit more frequent), her eating (see previous post) and her fatigue (there is no naptime at school and there are a LOT of stairs she needs to climb throughout the day).

After we got through the heavy and scary stuff, I asked about how she was doing in the classroom.  Was she interacting with the other children?  Was she having a good time?  Participating in group activities?  Her teacher, Miss Susan, told me that Lily is getting comfortable with all the adults (and I saw this when I brought her in to school as she walked up to her para Ursula and gave her a big kiss) and, depending on her level of fatigue, is participating in classroom activities.  Susan mentioned that when the kids go and have free play outside, there’s one particular boy who has taken quite a liking to L and she has noticed that L likes this boy too.  A bit of a love story is unfolding at the playground she says….

I mean, how could you NOT fall in love with this kid?

Dinner date



2 thoughts on “Somebody has a boyfriend

  1. You are such a hero for your little girl! Always seeing the bright side. God bless you and find a cure for Lily! Love, Auntie Bernice

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