On swallowing

There are SO MANY THINGS that each of us take for granted in a given moment.  Swallowing is one of the more recent ones I’ve come to realize.  Imagine it.  Not being able to swallow.

Now imagine watching your child losing her ability to swallow.  In front of your eyes.

I don’t even want to be writing these words.  I don’t want to be thinking these thoughts.  But this is a very big concern.  And what L and I need right now is a lot of positive vibes, prayers, and thoughts.

I scheduled a swallow study for next month and I’m really hopeful (almost to the point of being confident) that this is just a phase that Lily will bounce back from.

Who knew that a swallow study was a thing?  That doctors specialize in this kind of stuff?

There is so much that I am learning about that I’d prefer never to know.

Regardless, I am going to focus on the positive.  L is running.  L is happy.  L can sometimes swallow.  Sometimes not.  Her weight is good.  Her coloring is good.  Her hand function hasn’t gotten better but it’s not gotten worse.  She’s been (almost) sleeping through the night.  She loves music and giggles and being tickled.  She loves her mommy.  And her mommy loves her.


3 thoughts on “On swallowing

  1. I’m sure there are ways to deal with this and that you will find out more after the “swallowing study.” Meanwhile, prayers, hugs, positive vibes galore.

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