The stairmaster

What a great weekend…  But of course, it’s always a great weekend when Grandma’s in town!!!

We were socialites on Friday evening.  It was girls night out with Maureen, Auntie Angela and Grandma…


We spent time frolicking with our playgroup friends on Saturday morning and then climbing up the stairs (all by herself I may add) at the park to get to the swings.


And we did LOTS of giggling.  I mean LOTS.  Between me coming up with new songs to sing (currently L’s LOVING my rendition of the opening song to ‘A Chorus Line’) and Grandma just being Grandma, this little girl was full of non-stop laughter.

And… I don’t want to jinx anything but I may have just found us a new home!!!  More soon on this.


C and L






One thought on “The stairmaster

  1. way to go Lily!! Grandma looks great!!! Fingers crossed for a suitable new dwelling!!! How’s Poppa bear gonna take to you moving?!?!

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