Settling back into our routine

It’s been a week since we left the hospital and we are both still excited and relieved to be home!!

Lily’s been doing great. The steroids have made her sleepy and she does have roid rage from time to time (which is scary to see – especially when it’s an almost 3 year old) but generally she’s been responding well to it all. So far I’ve noticed her nonverbal language improving (her hands go up when I say ‘up’ for example) and her motor skills are better too (she’s bending her knees when she walks!). But no marked difference in verbal language. Yet. Docs said to give it two to three weeks.

We have a follow up appointment on Thursday with the neurologist to check in.

I’m still not thrilled at administering the daily shot but I’m getting good at it. Lily is the best patient ever. She never cries when she gets it.

I still well up 😦

Sending love to all. And please keep the prayers and positive vibes coming our way.

C & L

(These were taken earlier today. Her cheeks have gotten pudgier but she wears it well!)Image


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