A week at the hospital

Happy new year. We’ve been busy girls. At the hospital since Monday. Don’t know what day today is. But I think we can leave on Saturday. I really hope so.

We are making the most of it. I keep telling L we are on vacation – at the hospital!

Started the steroids a few says ago (to treat the ESES – a rare form of epilepsy she got diagnosed with the last time we were here). Today was my first time giving her an injection. She didn’t cry. But I sure did. My sweetie.

I’m hanging in there. One of my best friends from grad school was here with us the first two days and then the nanny came for a visit yesterday. John’s been popping in and out.  So I’ve been getting some breaks here and there. Today a friend is coming who I met at the ashram over New Years.

Exhausted. But L is doing great.

Please keep sending positive vibes this way.

C & L


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