Lily needs time to be Lily


Almost daily, that phrase pops into my head – Lily needs time to be Lily. Her very first ABA therapist, Ann, said this when Lily was only 18 months old and it struck me – even then. This kid spends most of her days working – trying to do things that you and I take for granted. Like picking up a fork and putting it to your mouth, walking a straight line, talking. And you know what? Sometimes all the work has to just stop. Lily needs time to do the things she wants. So every day, I try to give her that opportunity. This evening, I took her out to dinner to celebrate the end of a busy week. She chose the restaurant. And then afterwards, she chose where we walked and what we did. Tonight we crashed a jazz concert. Who knew this kid liked jazz??? She won the hearts of everyone in the crowd, including the musicians. She has a way with people. So what else does this kid like to do?

  • Making friends with fellow diners, and trying to get some of their food
  • Cuddling up to cute guys with iPads
  • Running down the street while listening to her favorite tunes
  • Practicing stair-climbing
  • Admiring every shiny car wheel she sees
  • Looking at flowers in bloom
  • Sometimes wanting to hold my hand
  • Sometimes giving me cuddles and kisses
  • Giggling
  • Yelling
  • Tummy patting
  • Wading through puddles
  • Looking up at the trees
  • Smiling
  • Dancing

Watching her – completely content in activities of her choosing – makes me so very happy. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest mommy in the world.


Earlier today, excited about the school dance she was about to attend!


6 thoughts on “Lily needs time to be Lily

  1. Lily has always been the Jazz queen. Still have here songs on my phone and iPad. Yes this is our cultured little princess. What did u expect with a mommy as special as she is!!!! ❤️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Go Lily!!!! Every time I see a new picture of you, I’m awed!!! Truly stunning!!! Hope you had a ball at the dance, and the jazz concert!!!! Atta girl Christine!!!!

  3. Lily is smarter than all of us put together! I just told a friend last week that music makes me so so happy I’m not listening to NPR any more. Just jazzzzzzzz! Go Lily! Keep those gigantic smiles coming. What a picture! xoxox

  4. Strong and radiant Lily, keep learning but most of all – keep being yourself! Xx
    Beautiful photos

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