Lily, Lily legs

The other day I posted the below message in Facebook. I thought it went up on the ‘My daughter has Rett Syndrome’ family group. But it was posted to the greater FB community as well. And I’m grateful for my error. I got so many fantastic recommendations from both groups. Now to choose which chair support to buy….

Here is the post:

So Lily is getting REALLY long. Which is not surprising as I’m 5’11” and her dad is 6’5″. But it’s starting to cause an issue for when we go out to dinner. Or go grocery shopping. Those Caroline’s carts have not made their way to Whole Foods in NYC (or any other grocery store for that matter). And when eating out, she can still fit in a highchair (she’s skinny) but she’s literally got both feet on the ground! If I don’t have her in the highchair, she will roam the restaurant looking for cute boys to steal food from. What do you do when you take your girls out to eat, who are roamers, and don’t fit into highchairs anymore?!


Those piggies are flat on the ground!



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