A beautiful sight!



It’s official.  Lily loves Christmas.  Well, at least she loves the tree and the decorations.  This is now her favorite spot in the house. It warms my heart to watch her enjoy those twinkly lights.

It’s been a rough few weeks for us over here.  My mom’s not been well (but thankfully she’s on the mend) and Lily had one hell of a stomach bug last week which threw off her sleep in a way that I wasn’t sure either of us would recover from.

We’re both still recovering from it actually.  But she’s back at school and I’m back at the office and we are doing our best to stay awake during the day and ride the sleepless wave at night. And we’re BOTH looking forward to seeing Grandma and the cousins in Florida soon!

Happy Holidays to all you wonderful people.


C and L




4 thoughts on “A beautiful sight!

  1. Glad to hear Mom is well! Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year! And sleep, lots of sleep!!!

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  2. Yes indeed! A beautiful sight! Have a wonderful happy holiday and enjoy your trip to Florida. I’m sorry I missed you when I was there. We need to get together soon.

  3. Enjoy warm Florida weather…however it’s almost 60 here in Tarrytown! I put in a special wish for Lilly, and you too, with Santa 🙂 Bonnie

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