The Rettologist

In the world of Rett Syndrome, there is a “professional” called a ‘Rettologist’.

She is an integral part of the medical team because she knows her patient like the back of her hand. She is her advocate, her physician and her therapist.

She is the 24-hour nurse on duty, the domestic helper and her cheerleader.

She can be a psychic with an invisible crystal ball.

She can read lab results and know when something is just… off.

She learned the medical world not by choice but by experience – pretty darn fast – and embraced it like a pro.

She is a lawyer because she represents her daughter’s best interest.

She is also her daughter’s friend, best friend actually, sometimes feeling like her only friend…

She has the faith of a preacher and the passion of a rockstar.

She has a subconcious clock that ticks in time for diaper change or feeding or medicine time.

She has to be sharp as a butcher knife, but trust her insticts too.

She feels what her patient feels, and every tear that falls from her patient is like a stab of a knife in her heart.

She’s not perfect.

She gets angry or irritated easily, especially with anything that affects her patient.

She draws her strength from every smile from her patient, from every word of encouragement from family and friends and from every ounce of support from her community.

She belongs in a society of closely-knit women, bonded like soul sisters.

The child of one is the child of all.

It was not their choice that they are called “strong”, but fate chose them to bear, nurture and care for the brave warriors.

It is from their sisterhood that they share knowledge, stories, tragedies and victories.

The way they love is extraordinary.

– Credit to Mimi Burke​, Rett momma extrodinaire, for writing this piece.


5 thoughts on “The Rettologist

  1. You are the best Rettoligist I’ve ever heard of. Keep it up baby. We’re all behind you and will do whatever it takes.
    Love, Mom

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