A bit of respite

So… Lily is with her dad for 10 days. He’s taken her to Connecticut (where his folks live). I already miss her like crazy (she was picked up yesterday) but I know I need a break. I need to regroup, sleep, remember who else I am (other than mommy and boss). Last night I went out and had a blast.  And today I’m heading out of town for 3 days to go on a yoga retreat (which I try to do every few months).

The rest of the time she’s away, I’m going to work (arrive on time, take a lunch break and go to the gym after work), sleep, and be social (when I’m not sleeping). I feel so lucky that I have some breathing space. But wow. I’m missing my sweetie!!!!!!

The sweetest!

The sweetest!


7 thoughts on “A bit of respite

  1. You deserve it Chrissy. I’m sure she misses you too. Enjoy your sleep. I know how important it is. Lol. We love you and miss you

  2. I’m glad to hear that. Just this morning I told your mother that you need a respite, and she agreed.Enjoy and relax.

  3. Have peace of mind, rest your body and brain, pamper yourself like crazy, laugh yourself silly, and drink util the well of wine runs dry! Rejuvenate the soul girl! xoxoxo

  4. Definitely a much needed break, even though. Enjoy the yoga retreat! You’ll come back refreshed and ready to take on the world. Love you bunches xo

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