Water Lily


Lily and I just got back from Cape Cod with Grandma and Marina (my 10 year old niece). We were so lucky to have them! They flew up from Florida to be with us.

While there, L was in her element. Running along the shoreline, relaxing on the sand, navigating us through the busy high street in Provincetown and just enjoying time with her family.

But she misses Grandma and Marina terribly. On her Tobii – every night since they’ve left – Lily keeps saying that she wants to talk to her sister. (Sister is a picture of a girl so she means Marina). Those two are soul sisters for sure.

Lily and I had such an amazing trip with such amazing ladies!!! We made a lifetimes worth of memories and I took way too many photos, as usual.

Lovely ladies

Grandma and her girls

Book time!

Book time/cuddle time

Showing Grandma how to use the Tobii

Showing Grandma how to use the Tobii

Pulling Marina through P-Town

Pulling Marina through P-Town


4 thoughts on “Water Lily

  1. That Tobii has opened up a whole new world. So impressed. Lily is smart, affectionate, lovely, and so full of joy. Start planning the next vacation!!

  2. so happy to see you all had such a fun vacation. You are a copy of your mom and Marina is a copy of you and L is a copy of all of you…. so amazing… go girls and best of luck always… and remember you have a friend in amman who would love to host you one day…xx

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