This kid keeps blowing me away!

Last week, I asked L if she wanted to come to the office with mommy and she moved her head up and down.  I’d never seen her do that before so I asked her again as I was confused.  Again, she moved her head up and down.  It eventually set in that she was saying ‘yes!’!  Holy cow.

And yesterday I was on the phone with one of L’s therapists at school and she told me that Lily not only loves numbers (which I already knew) but that she can identify them and put them in order.  How did they figure this out? In her therapy sessions she has a numbers puzzle and Lily would get really upset any time the therapist would recommend starting with a number that wasn’t zero or one.  Talk about another holy cow!

I am so very proud of this sweet, amazing, hard-working, beautiful, determined little girl.  So very proud.

Visiting mommy at work

Visiting mommy at work


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