Planning for the future

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by a NYTimes reporter about the steps I’ve taken to prepare for Lily’s financial future.  A few days later, a NYTimes photographer came over to take photos of me and L.

My ask of this reporter was this: I will share my story with you, but you have to help me raise awareness about Rett Syndrome.  She kept her promise.

And, if you click on the below link, you can see how upset Lily gets when her OT Katherine is working with her in one of the pictures.  My sweetie!

Please read and share this article with people you know who have children with special needs. Or just check it out to see pictures of the sweetest kiddo on the planet…


5 thoughts on “Planning for the future

  1. Wonderful article. Bravo on your deal with the writer! LOVE the photo of you both As always the love connection shines through. xoxo

  2. I don’t know what’s better – the useful information in the article or seeing pictures of you two in the NYT!! xo

  3. Well done Christine for being so brave and honest about the future and for getting ahead of the game. Wonderful photos. Zara x

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