Beaming with pride!

Lily has a new speech therapist at school.  Actually this woman is the head of the speech program and has been working closely with Lily’s therapy team from the start of school but she’s stepped in to teach her directly.  Here is a note from her that I just received earlier:


Just wanted to let you know I had my first official therapy session with Lily today and she did very well. Following work on her oral motor skills, I worked on getting Lily to vocalize to express her wants and needs. While she was looking at her Ipad I worked on having her say “help me” following my models when she needed assistance. . At first we worked on just exhalation of the /h/ sound and then added an /mmm/ which she has produced before. By the end of the session after 3 or 4 approximations following my model, Lily sat next to me and independently called out “help me” in an audible voice while I had turned to say something to Ursula during the session. Ursula and I immediately turned toward her and offered her help. She was very pleased with herself to have gained our attention, smiling brightly and was happy when I pushed a button on the Ipad to reset it. I think we are off to an excellent start. I know that Lily has an understanding of many things and we have started the paperwork to get her the augmentative eval with the dept of ed as per our discussion.
Lily’s SLP at WOC (translation: speech language pathologist at William O’Connor)
Lily pride

9 thoughts on “Beaming with pride!

  1. Whenever I am going for my tests I think of all the sweet faces and love of the children in our take my mind off the moment.And when I see Lily’s I become filled with courage as well! Go warrior Lily and Mommy!

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