As many of you know, my child is highly motivated by food.

Well, when she started preschool, I was faced with a dilemma.  The school has pizza Fridays and Lily’s diet is so restrictive (she’s on the GAPS diet for those unaware), that pizza is a BIG no-no for her.  Her dad and I both hemmed and hawed it for a while but agreed that it would be a great experience for her to fully participate in this sacred meal.  She is VERY curious about what other people are eating (oftentimes, after she finishes her dinner, she starts to pick on mine) and she has so many restrictions in her day to day life that giving her this one – easy – thing would help her feel more of a part of something, rather than being on the sidelines – like she is with so much else.

So pizza Fridays have begun.  Here is an excerpt regarding the first pizza Friday from the communication book her teachers and I pass back and forth each day:

Lily LOVED pizza Friday. She ate  consistently for a half hour. Lily loved it so much she was saying ‘give me’ and ‘more’…  I was so proud of how much she was talking.

Miss Susan (her teacher)

Lily said more words in one day than she has in an entire month!

So, yesterday was Friday and she didn’t have school so I decided to take her out for dinner and we had pizza!  Again, she loved it.  Again, she said more words at that meal than I had heard throughout the week.

I wish every day were pizza Friday!



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