Let the sun shine in

I’m starting to get nostalgic about the views from my apartment.  Lily and I have gotten spoiled these past two years.  And we’ve also gotten suntans sitting in our living room.

Last night, the sunset was spectacular.


As L and I were dancing around the living room, with me singing the opening number to ‘A Chorus Line’, I noticed how stunning the light streaming into our living room was.  So I swooped her up and took a few shots.  I’m only attaching one, but there are a gazillion others.  Photo is untouched.


This kid is full of sheer joy when her momma is singing. Which is funny because I have a terrible singing voice.  I guess it’s improved a bit after 3 years of nonstop singing (I’m known as the mommy jukebox in the neighborhood – am always singing to L walking down the street, swinging in the park, buying coffee at the patisserie, etc…).  But in comparison to my mom, or my sister, or any of my other family members, this singing voice of mine still stinks.

And L is so picky about the music she likes.  So picky.  Some mornings I’m at a loss as to what else to sing to her.  There are only so many times I can do a rendition of Jason Mraz’ ‘I’m yours’.  And she’s growing out of the ABC’s.  But a miraculous thing happened the other morning while we were hanging out in bed with me crooning to her (one of our favorite past-times).  As I was mentally scratching my head to think up another song to sing (while still singing the song I was already singing – L doesn’t like gaps in her music), I had a spark of an idea – which I’m pretty sure was whispered to me by my dad – I should start singing the soundtrack to ‘Grease’!  And – tada!  We have a new slew of songs that makes L laugh and giggle.  And thankfully I know ALL the words to all the songs as I listened to the record nonstop as a kid.  So thank you Dad for reminding me about a movie that was a favorite of ours to watch together.  I know this is going to be a new favorite of L’s too.



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