Big things are happening!

Hi friends and family,

Lily and I spent the past few weeks traveling up and down the east coast visiting our cousins and wow, was it great to be pampered and showered with so much love. Cousins truly are one of God’s greatest gifts!

We’ve also been hosting out of town visitors (huge shout out to Wagner!) and making new friends (we recently had a play-date with another Rett sweetie who lives not too far away). I’m telling you, we’ve been surrounded by so much love and acceptance and understanding and kindness and giggles, lots of giggles. We are two very lucky ladies.

So – on to the big news….

Announcement #1:

Lily’s assistive eye gaze technology machine (called the MyTobii) is arriving at some point this month.  It could be as early as next week!  I’m so very excited about this and am trying to educate myself as much as possible beforehand as I feel like we will be traveling to a new country where we don’t know the language.  And you know how I like to have some sort of competency in languages when I travel to new places.  The My Tobii looks like an i-pad but it is so much more:

Announcement #2:

Lily will be going to William O’Connor in Midwood (a YAI school) for preschool.  She starts in September!  I’m a bit disappointed that we aren’t moving back to Manhattan but WOC is a far superior school to the place we had initially considered.  Where is Midwood you ask?  Well, it is in Brooklyn.  In deep Brooklyn.  Where the houses look like this:


Midwood is very far from mid-town Manhattan (where I work) so I’m looking to move to a neighborhood which won’t be far from Lily’s school and won’t be too far away from my office.  Prospect Park South is likely the hood we will go to.  Let me know if you hear of anything for rent out there!

Announcement #3

Mark your calendars and get your butts to Hoboken on October 5th for the Rett Strollathon.  Click here to join Team Lily/MMC or to make a donation.  I’m also recruiting as many work colleagues as possible as every employee from MMC (where I work) who participates, the Company provides a $25 donation to the organization.  Please help me promote this event and help us beat our fundraising goal of $5,000.  Additionally, my sweet, amazing cousin Maria is planning an after-party on October 5th at a nearby restaurant in Hoboken.  We will be sending a separate announcement about that soon.

And that, my friends, is all I have.  For now.


C and L

Playdate with our new friend!

Playdate with our new friend!

Silly uncle Wagner!

Silly uncle Wagner! So much has changed over the years, yet so much has remained the same…!


4 thoughts on “Big things are happening!

  1. Hi Christine, So happy to hear all the good news!!! William O’Connor is a very sought after program, so it is wonderful that Lily will be attending. Bravo!!! Can’t wait to hear about “My Tobii”, in action!!! Sounds like a game changer. Also glad you girls got some much needed R&R with the cousins!!! Onward and upward!! Kisses to Lily !!! Love, Ann

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  2. omigod….that house you posted? That’s my friends house XD. I went to school with her since primary school! haha that was such a shock!

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