Busy girls

For the momma, the week started out at a conference in Chicago. Twenty-four hour business trips have become the norm for me (at least when traveling within the US; when abroad it becomes a 48 hour trip). I presented a case study on how the Company I work for responded to Superstorm Sandy from a humanitarian perspective (if you ever wondered what I do for a living, click here for our report: http://www.mmc.com/citizenship-report/).  I was back in Brooklyn by Tuesday evening.

For Lily, she started out with her usual schedule of therapies and naps and more therapies. She has been having a great week of word approximations and physical strength. BUT – the dreaded raspberry blowing has returned. O la la. Not fun. We are working to curtail this.

Yesterday morning we visited another preschool; Lily walked around like she owned the place. She was walking up to kids and adults, giving ‘Lily pats’ and even some kisses to a few lucky souls. All the teachers fell in love with her.  How could they not?!

Today (Thursday) has been a ‘normal’ day for us (back-to-back meetings/calls for the momma and back-to-back therapies for the L-bug). Tonight we will rest up for an extra busy weekend.  Tomorrow morning we go to the hospital (Montefiore in the Bronx) for an appointment with the GI doctor at the Rett Center and then we get admitted for yet another 48 hour EEG. So if anyone’s in or near the Bronx this weekend, stop by!

Wish us luck for this weekend.


C and L

Resting up for our weekend vacation at the hospital

Resting up for our weekend vacation at the hospital


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